What Songs Are Best For My Voice?

Best Songs For My Voice Lady

What songs do you want to sing? Start there. Now it comes down to your vocal type and range. Remember, to be imaginative: Imagine a deep bass voice singing Cyndi Lauper’s torch song “Time After Time” That’s gotta work!

When it comes to the best ways to find what songs are best for your voice, it boils down to your vocal type, your vocal range and overall the songs that you enjoy singing. We will cover this and more in this article.

Step 1.

Know the three basic types for both genders: Females from lowest to highest,  alto-mezzo to soprano. Males: bass-baritone-tenor. Knowing your vocal range will really help you find and focus on those songs that will your range and style.

If you are unsure of  your range or how to discover it, I recommend that you read our article here.

Step 2.

Know what type of voice you have.  You might have a smooth voice, a rough voice, a grated voice, a rich voice: Knowing your range and texture is the first third of the battle. The others are interpreting the song to your liking, which we cover here and… Well, being able to sing in general.

How you discover your vocal type is simple, just sing some notes and see what happens. Some people say that it depends on how you normally speak but there are times when that approach is deceptive. Take Chad Kroger and David Draiman for example. Their normal speaking voices are quite smooth and regular, in Draiman’s case one would almost expect a crooning (Frank Sinatra) kind of singer. Yet when they sing, their textures are rather rough, even a little grating in a good way, hence why they work best in rock and heavy metal, their strong niches.

Step 3.

What genres appeal to you? Rock and Roll? Jazz? Funk? Big band? Pop? overall you will sing best what you like to sing: Your personal taste in music is a big clue.

As you train your voice and come to know your voice you will naturally resonate with songs in that range. 

Step 4.

Experiment. Now, this is where you get to have more fun than any one person deserves. Test out lots of songs. Listen to music from a wide variety of genres and artists. Seek out obscure quality music so that you might surprise an audience on two fronts: “Gee, you sang that well! What was that song anyway?”

Step 5.

Once you have a good idea of what styles/genres work best for you, now there’s something else for you to try: Tailor a song to your liking. For example, I can’t sing Kiss from a Rose the same way Seal can, but if I take the pitch, the key signature of the song down a *semitone or two, it will be much more suiting to my range.

semitone: the smallest interval used in classical Western music, equal to a twelfth of an octave or half a tone

A lot of karaoke bars do this and if you want to change a song’s pitch on your own computer: You can change the music pitch using recording freeware like Audacity. Have fun with that! 


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