How To Win A Karaoke Contest

What if you really want to rock the place and impress everyone? Get the crowd cheering and wanting more?

To win a karaoke contest bring together

  • A trained voice
  • Songs you know, love and understand
  • Preparation on the night – warm up the voice properly
  • Be cold, motherless sober
  • Understand how to use a microphone and sing to the accompaniment
  • Dress to kill
  • Find one person in the audience and sing to him or her all the sentiments you want to express in the song. Have the person in mind rather than irradiate them with direct visual attention. We don’t want anyone spooked here!

Step 1.

Learn to sing. This is inescapable. You wouldn’t play in a basketball league without training and practice and expect to take the pennant. So it is with singing: No matter how good you are, naturally, you will improve with training and practice. All opera singers continue to train with a coach throughout their careers.

Step 2.

Know Your Voice Range and stay within it: Knowing your range dictates your song selection. Obviously, singing within your range means that you will sound good. It also means you won’t be stressed wondering how you’re going to sound tonight when you hit that part you’ve never been able to quite get.

Remember, one bum note can and will mean the difference between winning and losing.

Step 3.

Warm-up your vocals. Practice scales and breathing exercises on the night. Take a deep breath in and exhales slowly while holding a note. Then repeat a few times while holding different notes. For scales, sing a few notes up and down from the lowest note you can give, then repeat starting from a higher note and go until you feel like you have reached your top note. I recommend to help with getting your notes (your pitch) right.

Step 4.

Sing the songs you want to sing, that you like to sing. It’s no more complicated than that. If you sing the songs you enjoy singing, you will both have a lot more fun and the audience will experience your joy or sorrow right along with you.

Tip: If you do not know a song, don’t sing it until you learn it in your own time. No matter how much your friends might pressure you.

Step 5.

Interpret the songs you want to sing. Songs are all about stories and messages. They impart meaning and sometimes more than one meaning. Whatever the song means to you, sing with congruence* Match the words to the right expressed feeling state. Think about the meaning of the words and you will feel and appear genuine. This is called method acting in the film and theatre world.

*congruence: agreement or harmony; compatibility.

Step 6.

Most importantly, sing for yourself first, last and only. If you want to sing at your full potential you need to sing for YOU. Sure you can dedicate a song to people but if you don’t sing for yourself, you will never engage your audience or feel satisfaction as a singer. When you sing for yourself, you will get the audience to stop and listen to you.

Step 7.

Do not drink alcohol or take other substances on the night. The winner will be cold motherless sober.

Step 8.

Be aware of your posture. Tonight you will stand and command! Stand as you would to have your height measured against a wall. It feels exaggerated but if you check yourself out in a mirror you will see that you look quite natural. You should always stand like this, actually, because this will allow your muscles and especially your breathing muscles to work freely.

Step 9.

Microphone technique: Stand close or hold close the microphone just below your mouth so that the audience can read your lips, and see your face.

Remember that you can move the microphone away from your mouth for effect like trailing off and sounding ethereal. You will, of course, have worked on this before the big night.

Ask someone reliable and honest before you perform to give you feedback about how you look and sound using a microphone. Obviously, do this on karaoke nights before the contest!

Step 10.

Dress to kill: This will be down to your personal style. Make sure that you feel great about how you look and you alone will be the judge of that. Hopefully, your taste is completely off the wall; it’s called unique! But don’t force it, after all, you’re already unique. Just make sure that you feel good.

There are some considerations to do with stage lighting that professionals take in when applying makeup.

Step 11.

Sing with one person in the audience in mind or imagine that the whole audience is just one person. This helps overcome performance anxiety and deliver intimacy to your performance.

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