How To Find Musicians To Collaborate With

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Who doesn’t want to be involved in a band? I assume that you do since you’re reading this article.

If you want to find musicians to collaborate with; you need to know the genre in which you want to sing, meet the right people, and know how to work with people. We will cover this and more.

Step 1.

Know in which genre(s) you want to sing. What style suits your vocal tone and range? What songs do you like singing or jamming? You could be suited to more than one style: rock, funk, jazz, pop. Experiment. For singers, I highly recommend workshopping in karaoke.

Step 2.

Learn about the local live music venues in your area. There is usually at least one music venue in your town. Going to gigs is still the best way to find musicians to form a band or a group of some kind.

Step 3.

Use apps to find musicians near you. There’s a whole slew of websites and apps to do with musicians who want to collaborate. Sites like JamKazam, BandMix, Drooble, GoHendrix and, of course, MusicianFinder. They all have the same goal: Bring musicians together.

Step 4.

Have the right attitude. Treat the people around you with respect and kindness.  There’s a saying in show business, “Leave your ego at the door”. meaning that the music itself is the only thing that should be ‘idolized’ and that requires everyone performing to their best in an environment of support and positive regard. Another saying is “You’re only as good as those you surround yourself with” and it’s very true. If you have the skills, you’ll find people who will match you.

Step 5.

Experiment with the musicians with whom you collaborate.


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